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GW Indonesia News, Jakarta – Uni Eropa( UE) menyerukan Israel buat lekas mengakhiri pembedahan militernya di Rafah, Gaza. UE apalagi mengecam kalau kegagalan buat melaksanakan perihal tersebut hendak mengganggu ikatan dengan blok tersebut. ” Bila Israel melanjutkan pembedahan militernya di Rafah, perihal ini tentu hendak membagikan tekanan besar pada ikatan UE dengan Israel,” demikian statment […]

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GW Indonesia News, Mancanegara – Massa Israel memblokir 7 truk yang bawa dorongan buat masyarakat Jalan Gaza, Palestina. Mi praktis merk asal Indonesia ikut diobrak- abrik oleh demonstran itu. Nyatanya, Amerika Serikat( AS) tidak sepakat dengan penghalangan dorongan kemanusiaan itu. Dikutip BBC, Rabu( 15/ 5/ 2024), Penasihat Keamanan Nasional AS, Jake Sullivan, berkata sikap demonstran” […]

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Market wants ‘decisive action’ so Turkey needs to raise rates

Speaking at an event marking his country’s independence from Japanese rule, Moon said such a “community” could eventually herald the launch of a “multilateral security system” in the region, according to the report. “This community will lead to an energy bloc and economic bloc in Northeast Asia by expanding our economic area to the northern […]

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The most franchised company in the world isn’t McDonald’s or Starbucks

Despite the seeming ubiquity of McDonald’s Golden Arches and the Starbucks’ twin-tailed mermaid, sandwich chain Subway actually has the most locations of any restaurant worldwide. In 2017, Subway had 43,912 stores around the world, beating second-place McDonald’s at 37,241 and third-place Starbucks at 27,339 locations. This number, however, belies the economic reality: while McDonald’s and […]

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Tinder founders sue parent companies Match and IAC for at least $2B

A group of Tinder founders and executives has filed a lawsuit against parent company Match Group and its controlling shareholder IAC. The plaintiffs in the suit include Tinder co-founders Sean Rad, Justin Mateen and Jonathan Badeen — Badeen still works at Tinder, as do plaintiffs James Kim (the company’s vice president of finance) and Rosette […]

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Farsight Security COO Alexa Raad: ‘Be Your Own Champion’

Alexa Raad is chief operating officer of Farsight Security, based in San Mateo, California. Farsight Security is a provider of real-time actionable Internet threat intelligence solutions. In this exclusive interview, Raad discusses methods of curbing cybercrime by tracking bad actors through the trails they leave in the domain name system. She also offers some encouraging […]

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Microsoft Gives Productivity Tools More AI Chops

Microsoft on Wednesday announced new artificial intelligence features and functionality for several of its flagship products and services, including Office 365, Cortana and Bing, at an event in San Francisco. Harry Shum, EVP of Microsoft Artificial Intelligence and Research, demonstrated some of the new capabilities Building on the progress the company has made in integrating […]